Blind contour drawing is a method of drawing, popularized in part by Kimon Nicolaïdes in his book The Natural Way to Draw (1941), which presents itself as an effective training aid or discipline. The artist, fixing their eyes on the outline of the model or object, draws the contour very slowly in a steady, continuous line without lifting the pencil or looking at the paper. The artist may look at the paper to place an internal feature, but once they begin to draw it, they do not glance down, but follow the same procedure as for the outline.

- Wiki, 2010

“ISIS” was based off a postcard I was handed on the streets of New York, advertising for “Nicole the Psychic. I was particularly interested in the headdress that ordained her head. Somewhat mystical I found little planets affixed to the ornate piece. The whimsical aspect of this art can really be seen here as the pen flows in operatic directions and speeds.

1. Goddess ISIS - 3.5”x5.25” epoxy on Fabriano Paper

US 135


“The Professors” has been one of my more funny turn-outs. You can tell simply that they are pretty normal people from their faces blank stare back at you. Notice the small resemblence to Stewie Griffin to making this favorite for one reason.

2. The Professors - 6”x8” epoxy on Fabriano Paper

US 105


This was created at a recent event called

The Atomic Sketch, in Wickerpark, held on the

last Thursday of the month. Artists are encouraged to come with their tools for creation and participate in a mock gallery, auction, where art created at the event can be purchased, all for under $50.  This was one of two not sold that night. The next one is December 17th @ 6pm.

Come look and enjoy some art!

Check out The Atomic Sketch online and visit my new and brief creations before they are gone.

3. “60s Girl” - 3.5”x5.25” on Fabriano Paper

US 125


4. “Valentino” - 3.5”x5.25” epoxy on Fabriano Paper

US 95


Valentino designed the most elegant dresses on Earth. Once the documentary on him came out I was smitten by the extremely accomplished man, and wanted to capture his confidence as well as his poise.

Looking at him I can become more focused and understand we all can make all our dreams come true, we just have to work at it.

Notice the difference in tone with each creation? Sometime you might be able to see a glare, of something that looks almost like liquid. This is called epoxy, a thermosetting polymer formed from reaction of an epoxide "resin" with polyamine "hardener".

Once the line drawing has been placed and dried, articulately dosing the correct amount of resin, the epoxy is painted in the interior of the drawing. A flat surface and air tight storage for over 10 hours provides you with a frozen moment in time.

2. “En Guard” - 6”x8” epoxy on Fabriano Paper

US 250


2. “Dealing” - 6”x8” epoxy on Fabriano Paper

US 230


I didn’t see this one when I finished this piece. Everyone viewing it would refer to the man at the bottom as President Obama. I kept getting this comment and looked into the drawing more and more. The problems and situations that you can’t even imagine, all of them, being placed on your shoulders, especially with a country who is prized at being first for a long while, would be somewhat of a task, and headache.

I look at this piece and see some of those situations when I think of the problems Our Country has to deal with, hence Dealing.

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